What we do?

WE MANUFACTURE..... Ice cream plant, Water Plant, chemical storage tank, chemical transportation tanks, Petroleum transportation tanks, petroleum storage tanks, syrup and juice storage tanks, chador Cheese Plant, S.S. Road Milk Tanker (All Capacities) S.S. Milk Storage Tank (Different capacities), S.S. Milk Chillers (Different Capacities) S.S. Dump Tank Insulated. S.S. Butter Churns, S.S. Butter Pads Machines, S.S milk packing machine, Electric and hand operated cream separators machine, And every type of  Dairy Accessories.


Latest Updates

  • On Demand Import Services
    We offer customer's on demand import services. We use our long term relations and out sourcing experience for customized requirements of our valued clients. So customers can import through us
  • OEM Services
    Al-Madina Engineering & Dairy Equipment, Okara, Pakistan is providing the OEM services to our valued clients in Dairies, Food Industries,Engineeringrelated companies Specially to our those valuable customers who are eager for OEM Services
  • Special Projects
    Al-Madina Engineering & Dairy Equipment, Okara, Pakistan is currently engaged in very special projects. We are manufacturing different customized products, which are specially alterred as per requirements of our valued clients in dairy industry.

Our Corporate Clients